Netherlands online gambling laws

Netherlands online gambling laws casino games 3d download

This resulted in the first binary options licence, issued by AFM in the Netherlands. Since the abovementioned advice is non-binding, the administrative body that has opted for the national BIBOB assessment has a final say in the matter.

Poll What is you favourite casino movie? The Dutch Gaming Authority has announced it will take a stricter approach to igaming sites that target Dutch players and minors. Since the WOK was conceived init has been amended several times. This proposal was opposed by Gaming Legal Group on behalf of many land-based operators who felt that their business would suffer. If adopted as a law, it would gamblig the market to international gamblung operators by allowing them to apply for a license.

Does the law restrict, permit or prohibit certain online activity and, if so. Although online gambling is still illegal in the Netherlands, licenses are granted, but for games of chance, they must not be in the Dutch. Lotteries and products of gambling nature have not been unfamiliar in the Netherlands, in practice, they have been standing for quite a long.


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